Sensory Viewing

Insect eyes.jpg

Insect Eyes  EP0003

See the world how insects do. Each colour has a different refracted viewing experience.

Viewing Scope  EP0002


Hold the scope to the eye and discover a world of colour and patterns created by the objects around you.

A classic optical illusion toy that will fascinate children.

Age 3 years + 

Diameter 3.8cm - Height 19.4cm 

sensory sticks.jpg

Sensory Sticks  3 Pack EPBJ550  5 Pack EPBJ551

Rotate the sensory stick and watch a colourful suspension of glitter, stars and moons float up and down.

Very relaxing and calming sensory experience for children age 3yrs and over.

Suitable for use with our sensory kaleidoscopes.

Length 30cm.

Sensory Kaleidoscope  EP15521

Insert the sensory stick (supplied separately) to enjoy the visual sensory experience of looking through the kaleidoscope and seeing a fascinating world of shapes, light and colours.

Length - 15cm 

Available in 3 colours.


kaleidescope and mini wand_edited.jpg