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thunder shaker_edited.png
small cactus rainstick_edited.png
small bamboo rainstick_edited.png
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Sensory Natural Music Set

A beautiful selection of natural musical instruments made from bamboo, cactus and coconuts.

Each instrument produces a unique sound. This set comes packaged in a hemp storage bag.

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sensory sticks.webp
sensory stick_edited.png

Sensory Sticks

Rotate the stick to watch a colourful suspension of glitter, stars and moons float up and down.

Very relaxing and calming visual sensory resource for children aged 3yrs and over.

viewing scope 1.webp

Sensory Viewing Scope

Hold the scope to the eye and discover a world of colour and patterns created by the objects around you.

A classic optical illusion toy that will fascinate young children.

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