Playcolor Paint Sticks

Make painting fun and exciting with Playcolor Paint Sticks.

Solid poster paints in a stick for easy application and no need for water.

Our range of paint sticks are suitable for painting on card, paper, fabric and even windows.

playcolor 6 (1).jpg

Playcolor Original

Packs of 6 or 12 

Our original paints come in 20g sticks and are suitable for little hands. A wonderful mark making tool for young children.

Jumbo (12 pack).jpg

Playcolor Jumbo

Packs of 6 or 12

These Jumbo paint sticks have a chunky grip suitable for young children and are available in 40g sticks in packs of 6 or 12.

PYC Metallic2.jpg

Playcolor Makeup

Face Paints

Bring role play to life with these safe and easy to apply face paints.

Each pack comes with 6 different colours so the designs you could make are endless.

playcolor 6 (3).jpg

Playcolor Original

Vibrant Colours

Our original sticks comes in packs of 6 or 12 vibrant colours, giving a clean and silky finish.

playcolor window (1).jpg

Playcolor Window

Window Paint Sticks

Suitable for painting windows, mirrors and ceramics.

Easy to apply with a bright finish, also easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

playcolr textil 6.jpg

Playcolor Textile

Fabric paint

Designed especially for fabric painting. Just uncap, twist and paint! once dry, heat set with an iron, then your coloured fabrics are permanent and machine washable.