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Pegs to Count Up

Pegs to Count Up has been designed in partnership with renowned educationalist Dr Angela Webb for the teaching of numeracy. The bamboo frame, pegboard and accompanying components enable a teacher to cover virtually every area of the maths curriculum from simple number sense for the youngest children to more complex multiplication and fractions for older children.

Pegs to Count Up is a fun, visual and highly tactile set of maths resources to support early maths for 

3-11 years old.

Number Bond Bars

This super set contains 156 wooden bars numbered 1-12.

Includes 24 x "number 1" bars and 12 each of "number 2-12" bars. 

Also includes 40 comprehensive workout cards including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Wooden Fraction Set

Complete wooden fraction set with fantastic storage box to house all of the pieces. The vibrant colours which colour match across the different shapes included help children to identify which fraction they are learning about.

Chunky, tactile and beautifully finished. 

Number Square Counting Block Set

Our wonderful Number Square Counting Block set is a great tool to help young children with calculation and maths.

The block sizes range from 1cm - 10cm and are in 10 bright colours.

Fantastic for spatial awareness, early learning counting, sorting and matching and calculating maths in a fun way.

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