Number Square Counting Block Set


Our wonderful number square counting block set is a great tool to help young children with calculation and maths. The block sizes range from 1cm to 10cm and are in 10 bright colours. Fantastic for spatial awareness, early learning, counting, sorting and matching. A fun way to learn through play.


Fraction Set  E88000

Complete wooden fraction set with a fantastic storage box to house all of the pieces. The vibrant colours which colour match across the different shapes included help children identify which fraction they are learning about. Chunky, tactile and beautifully finished.


Cryptic Cube  E80555

Create an assortment of different mathematical shapes with the Cryptic Cube !

Enhances problem solving skills.


Base 10 Class Set  E22010

Classification of quantities and numbers, even and odd, in the number range of 10,100,1000. Helps to develop basic arithmetic to more advanced maths and measurement.