The World's First Reusable Glue Stick

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Blue Stick

The blue stick is ideal for early years pupils as it helps them to see where the glue has been applied. The adhesive formula applies blue then dries clear.

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U-Fill Blue Stick Refills

When a glue stick becomes empty, you end up with a container that you can do nothing else with. It is also contaminated with glue and is therefore difficult to recycle correctly. As a result, millions of used glue sticks are destined for landfill or incineration. To tackle this environmental issue, we have been working hard to rethink about our glue stick life cycle and as a result have developed U-Fill.

Simply take your empty glue stick, clean off any residue with a cloth then replenish the contents with a U-Fill refill dispenser.

So that takes care of the issue of sending our glue sticks to landfill, but what about the empty U-Fill containers? 

The idea is that we collect your empties in their original box, return them to our warehouse and reuse them in production.

Typically, perfectly working adhesive containers are thrown away after initial use, but with our U-Fill system, both the glue stick and refill container can be reused time and time again in a continuous cycle.