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Build a Castle

A great set for building fortresses and castles.

Pieces are easy for young children to join together. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Made from durable HDPE.

Includes 54 pieces in bright colours - 16 turrets, 10 large connectors, 10 beams, 12 connectors and 6 flexi connectors.


Build a Space Voyager

Blast off into space with this stunning open-ended construction set. 

Build a rocket, space shuttle, tunnels or whatever you dream up! 

This 85 piece set includes 21 cylinder pieces, 4 cone pieces, 4 inner fins, 4 outer fins, 6 T-connectors, 6 flexi connectors and 40 small connectors.


Eco Skill Drill Set

A dynamic tool with an applicator that attracts and holds magnetic bit holders, along with the screwdriver bit included within the set.

Screw cardboard structures together, then unscrew and reuse! Encourages team building as children must work together to create structures.

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Unlike traditional studded brick products, cube phun is multi-directional not just vertical. It has wheels and axles and instructions to create lots of different models.

Our nursery and pre-school set includes 420 pieces, 12 instruction sheets and 4 sets of stickers.

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A fantastic STEM product that combines building blocks with gears and chains to creat many different moving models.

500+ pieces.

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