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Art + Craft

Make painting fun and exciting with Playcolor Paint sticks

Solid poster paints in a stick for easy application and no need for water.

Our range of paint sticks are suitable for painting on paper, card, fabric, windows and faces.

rainbow crayons.webp

Rainbow Crayons

Six different colours in one wax crayon.

A wonderful tool to encourage mark making. Creates beautiful instant rainbows.

jumbo oil pastels.webp

Jumbo Triangular Oil Pastels

High quality oil pastels with a chunky triangular grip.

These oil pastels are washable and apply to the page beautifully . The pack contains 12 vibrant colours.

oil pastel 2_edited.png
thumbnail_Oil Crayon Demo 1 (4)_edited.png
oil pastel 1_edited.png

Jumbo Oil Pastels

Set of 12 easy to blend, water resistant oil pastels.

Create a variety of effects such as printing, stencilling and scratchboards.

thumbnail_Oil crayons (2)_edited.png
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