Art + Craft

Crayons, whiteboard pens and glue for all your early years craft activities.

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Jumbo Triangular Oil Pastels  E10370

Rainbow Crayons  EP0006

High quality oil pastels with a chunky triangular grip. These oil pastels are washable and apply to the page beautifully. The pack contains 12 vibrant colours.


Blue Stick  804095

On application it is blue, then it becomes clear once dry. Great for showing children where the glue has been applied ! Suitable for most paper, card, foil and photographs.

Six different colours in one little wax crayon! a wonderful mark making activity to create instant rainbows. Suitable for colouring, rubbing and blending.

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quick stick 1.jpg

Quick Stick  804080P

Quality Gluestick which is long lasting and repositionable for 1 minute.

Suitable for paper, card, tissue paper and photos.

Large 40g Size.

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Whiteboard Pen - black

Quality whiteboard pen for children with low odour and a 1.5mm tip.

artline supreme whiteboard pen black dia